What Should I Look for When Buying a Stun Gun?

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It can be difficult to know what to look for when buying a stun gun, as there are so many options on the market. Are they legal? Which states allow stun guns? Are stun guns effective? What is the best type of stun gun for my needs and lifestyle?

In this blog post, we will answer the question “what should I look for when buying a stun gun?”. We will provide an in-depth analysis of what you need to keep in mind when buying a new stun gun.

What should I look for when buying a stun gun?

What is a Stun Gun?

A stun gun is a self-defense device that delivers an electrical shock to attackers.

The electric current can effectively incapacitate the assailant for some time, long enough for you to get away or call the police.

It works by transmitting high voltage, low current pulses along wires and into the body of the attacker. There are different types of stun guns with varying voltages.

What Are Stun Guns Made Of?

Most stun guns are made of high-impact ABS plastic with a rubberized coating. As such, they can be used to disperse crowds without inflicting serious injuries on protestors and agitators too!

Buying a Stun Gun? Here’s a Comprehensive Guide

When shopping for a stun gun, you’ll likely encounter terms like 10 million volt stun gun, 100 million volt stun gun, and so forth. But are these numbers important? Are higher voltage guns more effective than lower voltage ones? Let’s find out.

Stun Gun Voltage and Effectiveness: Are Higher Voltages Better?

The answer to this question is both yes and no.

On the one hand, stun guns with high voltages (for example, 50 million volts) can be incredibly dangerous for assailants as they are designed to stop even the largest of men by disrupting their muscle control.

Even though such a shock will not cause permanent damage or leave any visible marks on an assailant’s body there have been many cases where victims have died after being shot with these types of weapons.

This has been attributed to other health risks like cardiac arrest due to massive adrenaline increase in blood circulation and respiratory problems caused through lack of oxygen intake – all of which can happen when a person suddenly falls to the ground and is unable to breathe.

On the other hand, higher voltage guns are not as effective against criminals who take precautions like wearing thick clothing or using drugs that increase pain tolerance.

More so, they may be unsafe. Due to their high voltages – these types of weapons require special handling. Even small shocks result in massive amounts of electricity flowing through body tissues with little protection from underlying muscles and bones. This increases the risk of heart failure and tissue damage (for example, holding a stun gun too long on an assailant’s chest).

As such, we recommend stun guns with voltages of around 100-200 thousand volts as they are effective against criminals and safe for users. However, you may also go for higher voltage if you’re experienced in handling them. Most sellers will offer basic handling training.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Stun Gun?

Are stun guns legal in your state? Are stun guns safe to use? Are stun guns effective for personal protection? Are there different types of stun guns available on the market today? What is the best type of stun gun for you and why?

These are some of the questions you should answer before you step out to buy a stun gun for the money. In this section, we offer to answer these questions to ease your shopping experience.

  • Are Stun Guns Legal in Your State?

Before you buy a stun gun, check to see if they are legal where you live. Some states and countries do not allow the sale and use of stun guns. In Hawaii, it is illegal to carry a stun gun unless you have a permit. On the other hand, it is legal to carry a stun gun in all the other US states.

  • Are Stun Guns Safe to Use?

Using stun guns is not as simple as hitting an assailant with it and running away. You need to handle them properly for them to deliver the intended effect.

For example, if you do not know how much voltage your gun puts out or how long its electric current lasts, then there’s a high chance that you might end up hurting yourself more than the would-be attacker (and we’re talking about mild shocks here).

A lot of people think using devices like Tasers and stun guns is safe because they don’t shoot bullets but guess what: these things can still cause lasting damage! The best way forward is to learn from professionals before buying one.

  • Are Stun Guns Effective For Personal Protection?

Yes! You don’t need pepper spray or other weapons like knives that require physical contact to incapacitate criminals who threaten your life.

If you have proper knowledge of using stun guns, you can easily stop assailants, even if they are much bigger than you.

  • Check Safety Approvals

A good way of determining the safety of these weapons is by looking for certifications like UL Approval and RoHS Compliance. Ensure that the brand you are buying has these approvals.

3 Best Stun Guns for Self Defense (and Tasers)

1. Sabre Self-Defense Kit w/Red Pepper Spray & Stun Gun w/Flashlight

Stun Gun for Self Defense

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The kit has pepper spray with 25 bursts for protection against multiple threats and a 10-foot range for protection at a safe distance. 

The canister uses compressed gas propellant instead of heavily burning chemicals which allow each burst to last longer than any other product on the market (5X competition). One button unpacks up to 3 meters (10 feet) for accurate targeting. 

2. VIPERTEK Stun Guns for Self Defense

Best Stun Gun for the Money

A VIPERTEK stun gun is a perfect instrument to help you take control of any situation. Standing at 3.5″ by 1″, its lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easily portable and unbeatable in a fight or other altercation.

It has a compact size that will fit right into your pocket, giving you protection anytime, anywhere! With an eye-catching black finish on top of sleek stainless steel accents throughout the device, this small gadget packs a punch with features including 500k volt power output for all applications up to 18 inches away from target contact.

Some of its popular stun guns include VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun – Rechargeable with LED Flashlight, VIPERTEK VTS-880-30 Billion Mini Stun Gun, and VIPERTEK VTS-979 – 59 Billion Stun Gun – Rechargeable with Safety Disable Pin LED Flashlight, Black.

Want to leave an impression without leaving a mark? You’re looking for the VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun! Not only does this stun gun pack quite the punch, but it also has a built-in LED flashlight. 

There is nothing more reassuring than having something that can provide both security and visibility when you need it most. Just think, if your date makes you feel uneasy and you could use some light (or want to make them wish they never did anything wrong), simply aim and pull the trigger on your ultimate protection device!

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3. Police Stun Guns

Police Stun gun

Keep this stun gun at your desk, in your car, or by the bed with its built-in hidden key-ring.

This powerful mini stun gun flashlight combination has been engineered for professional self defense equipment delivering the strongest available power and a lifetime warranty! 

The LED tactical flashlight not only provides you with an intense beam but also works great to temporarily blind any attacker when shined in their eyes. This stun gun is rechargeable using a slide-out plug for a complete charge without needing batteries. 

To make it easier to carry, this stun gun comes with its non-slip rubber coating providing comfort so it can be molded perfectly to your hand!

This powerful stun gun is the perfect blend of street-wise fashion and personal protective equipment. A built-in flashlight for use around the house, on routine trips to dark places, or while you’re out on your run at night? 

Enough power to immobilize an attacker with just one touch of superior voltage webbing? Easy plug-in recharge without battery dependency? 

You bet! Slip this stunning light into your pocket during the day – ready when you need it most for less than $30, so about half what our more expensive competitors charge after they gouge you for batteries. 

Available only in black, pink, or gold featuring state-of-the-art technology so sophisticated and stylish.

Are There Different Types of Stun Guns Available on the Market?

Yes! Traditional stun guns have cords, so you need to be very close to your attacker before using them for self-defense.

On the other hand, tasers don’t require direct contact but deliver shocks through two metal prongs that must be fired at an assailant with a certain amount of accuracy.

As such, teasers are more effective than traditional stun guns if you’re not experienced in handling them.

What is the Best Type of Stun Gun For You And Why? 

All stun guns are effective personal protection devices that can help you ward off assailants without killing or seriously injuring them.

However, they come with some limitations and risks which you should be aware of before buying one. The risks include:

  • Electrical Shock. Stun guns are designed to deliver low electrical currents that disrupt the nervous system of assailants without causing permanent damage. However, if you do not handle them correctly or your assailant is much bigger than you, then there’s a high chance that they could end up shocking themselves too (and we’re talking about mild shocks here).
  • Injury from Stun Gun Shocks Can Be Deadly. Stun guns can also cause lasting damage to your body if you do not handle them correctly. For example, a high voltage shock could lead to cardiac arrest. There have been cases where the delivery of low current shocks by stun guns led to deaths too!
  • Stun Guns Are Illegal in Some Countries and States. As mentioned earlier, stun guns are illegal in some states. Therefore, if you do not want to end up getting into trouble with the law, it would be best for you to check your state’s laws before purchasing one.

As such, you should always buy a stun gun that is UL Approved and RoHS Certified. You should also be comfortable with handling it.

What Are The Best Features in A Stun Gun?

The best features to look for in a stun gun are:

  • Replaceable Batteries. Are you tired of buying new batteries every time the previous ones get drained out? If yes, then this is one crucial feature that you should consider. A good quality stun gun will have replaceable batteries which you can recharge when they get drained.
  • Lifetime Warranty. A lifetime warranty on the stun gun is another very important feature to look out for because it shows that the manufacturer trusts their product and thinks highly of its quality!
  • Size & Weight. Are you comfortable carrying a big, heavy, or bulky device? If not, then you should pick the smallest and lightest stun gun that offers great value for money. You can always find something suitable for your needs!
  • Price. Are you on a budget? If so, it’s best to look out for reasonably priced models because they offer excellent value for their price tag without exceeding beyond what you are willing to spend on a stun gun.
  • Safety Features. Are you worried about your child or a pet accidentally shocking themselves? If so, then it’s best to look for models that come with safety features like a built-in disable pin and an LED flashlight.
benefits of owning a stun gun

What Are The Benefits of Owning A Stun Gun? 

There are many benefits of owning a stun gun. They include:

  • Self-Defense. Are you looking for an effective way to protect yourself from violent people? If yes, then this is the perfect tool! It emits high voltage shocks that will instantly repel and disable your assailant while leaving them with no permanent damage.
  • Reasonable Price. Are you on a budget? Are you looking for something that offers great value without draining your bank account? Then this is the product for you! Stun guns offer excellent value and they’re also affordable.
  • Effective Personal Protection Device. Are you tired of using pepper spray or carrying a knife for self-defense? Are you looking for something easy to use and effective too? Then this is the product for you! Stun guns have been tested on human subjects, so they are guaranteed to work.
  • Peace of Mind. Are you always worried about leaving your home unattended during the day while everybody’s at work or school? Are you always concerned about your loved ones’ safety when they’re alone at home, especially if there are burglars in the area? If yes, then a stun gun is an excellent choice because it provides you with peace of mind knowing that your family and property will be protected.

Everything You Need to Know About Stun Guns

This section answers most of your questions about stun guns. Read on to understand their functionality before you get one.

  • How Are Stun Guns Powered?

Stun guns are powered by rechargeable batteries which you need to charge for a few hours before using them on any assailant.

Even if they don’t have replaceable batteries, the best stun gun brands come with warranties that cover their electronic components against defects in workmanship and material.

  • Who Can Use a Stun Gun?

Stun Guns Are Perfect for Men And Women

Some people are concerned about buying stun guns because they think only women need to defend themselves against criminals.

But the truth is, even men can benefit from personal protection devices like these! Stun guns are perfect for everyone – young or old, male or female.

If you’re not sure about stun gun usage, then you should read the instructions manual before using one on an assailant.

You should never fire a stun gun at your assailant’s head or neck because they could go into cardiac arrest and die! Even if their heart isn’t affected, there’s still a high chance of them becoming unconscious!

However, stun gun jolts can be used on other parts of their body like arms and legs to effectively subdue assailants. This is because the electric current that passes through these targets affects your assailant more than vital organs in their lower abdomen.

  • How Much Does A Stun Gun Hurt?

As mentioned earlier, stun guns don’t shoot projectiles. Rather, they deliver a painful electric shock that is meant to incapacitate assailants for a few minutes so you can escape from them and call the police.

The effects of stun gun shocks vary depending on where they are applied to your assailant’s body. However, most people feel pain which ranges from mild discomfort to extreme agony when hit by stun gun jolts.

  • What Are Stun Guns Used For?

Stun guns can be used for a variety of purposes. As such, they are widely popular with law enforcement officials and military personnel around the world. These devices have been introduced in several countries to help control protests and riots without injuring protestors!

Their compact design also makes them perfect for people who want to protect themselves against criminals.

  • What Are Stun Gun Prices Like? 

Stun guns can cost you anywhere between $20 and over $200. However, they are cheaper than other self-defense devices like Tasers!

Most of the time, stun gun jolts cause assailants pain which renders them immobile for a few minutes – causing attackers to stop pursuing their victims. You should never try using a stun gun on a human being more than two times because it can cause them to go into cardiac arrest and die!

If you still think that purchasing a stun gun is the right choice for you, then check out our buying guide below. This will give you an idea of which features are essential before making your purchase.

Replacing the Batteries Yourself Is Not Recommended!

While most people prefer buying stun guns that have replaceable batteries, you should never try changing the batteries yourself. Are you worried about getting shocked?

If so, it’s best to look for stun guns that have a built-in rechargeable battery because they’re safer than replaceable ones and last longer too!

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