10 Weapons That Look Like Everyday Items

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If you’re like me, at some point during your day you find yourself thinking about the safety of your household. I’m not talking about locking doors and windows or keeping an eye out for suspicious people in the neighborhood.

I’m talking about what to do if someone breaks into my home. When that thought crosses my mind, 10 household items immediately spring to mind as potential self-defense weapons. Here are 10 weapons that look like everyday items and come in handy for self-defense!

10 Weapons that Look Like Everyday Items

10 Weapons That Look Like Everyday Items

Self Defense Keychains

A self defense keychain is a great household item that can be used as an improvised weapon. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s definitely up to the task of saving your life if you’re ever put in danger and need to fight back!

This keychain is designed to look like any other ordinary keychain until you need it most. With a quick tug, the six-inch piece of paracord becomes strung between two brass knuckles that can inflict serious damage in close combat. You’ll be able to find many different varieties of these types of self-defense keychains online.

A product like this can come in handy for anyone who has their own home and drives their car. Use it when you walk or jog outside, especially if your route is known for its secluded areas or lack of streetlights.

An added benefit? It’s legal!

How it Works: This self-defense weapon works by converting tension into kinetic energy through the use of an explosive release.

Advantages: This weapon is light, easy to carry, and concealable. It’s legal in all 50 states! Plus, you’ll have it on hand at all times because it’s attached to your house keys.

Disadvantages: They don’t work well against multiple attackers.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray comes in many different forms, but some of them can look just like hairspray bottles. The key difference between pepper spray and standard hairspray? Pepper spray is composed of more than just perfume-grade chemicals that won’t do much damage if sprayed into an attacker’s eyes. Some contain oleoresin capsicum, which is an extract of red pepper.

How it works: This self defense weapon will blind your assailant for at least 15 minutes if sprayed into their eyes or inhaled. It can also cause skin irritation and difficulty breathing.

Advantages: Pepper spray is legal in most states, it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to attackers, and it has a long shelf life. Plus, you’ll have it on hand at all times!

Disadvantages: You may need to find the right angle for maximum effectiveness depending on how tall your attacker is compared to your height. You’ll also want to be careful not to hit yourself with the spray when you deploy it.

Butane Lights for Self Defense

Butane Lighter

This is another item that comes in many different forms, which makes it difficult to recognize as a self defense weapon. Butane lighters are not usually used for starting fires. Instead, they are heat sources that can be used to burn or irritate your assailant in close combat. They can come in the form of zippo-style lighters or butane torches similar to those used by chefs or survivalists.

How it Works: When you hold down the igniter button on this lighter for three seconds, its flame will turn blue and reach temperatures of up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit! This means you’ll only need to hold the flame against an attacker’s skin for about three seconds before their flesh begins to burn sharply enough to force them off you.

Advantages: These lighters are legal in all 50 states and produce a flame that’s almost impossible to put out. Also, they don’t require any maintenance other than refueling from time to time.

Disadvantages: You’ll need to carry this lighter with you at all times, as it doesn’t work without fuel. It also takes three seconds for the blue flame to appear.

Self Defense Pens

Self-defense pens are exactly what they sound like – pens designed specifically for self-defense situations. Most of them look just like ordinary ballpoint pens until you pull off the cap or twist the barrel about halfway down the pen length. This reveals a sharp metal spike that can be used to inflict damage on attackers if necessary.

How it Works: These weapons can be used in a variety of ways, from inflicting damage to popping out an eyeball. You can also carry them with you at all times by slipping them into your shirt sleeve or pants pocket.

Advantage: These pens are legal in all 50 states and don’t require any special maintenance or parts. They’re also light, easy to use, and they produce a piercing sound when you deploy the spike that may scare off potential attackers.

Disadvantages: Getting the pen cap back on after deployment can be tricky, especially if you need both hands free to defend yourself against your attacker. Also, if your pen is plastic instead of metal, it won’t have much-stopping power in a self-defense situation.

Improvised Weapons for Self Defense

Everyday Carry Spikes

Everyday carry spikes are similar to self defense pens in that they can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. For example, the Spike keychain is a heavy gauge stainless steel clip with a spike on one end and a bottle opener on the other side. It looks like something you would attach to your keychain or lanyard, but it’s a weapon designed to deter attackers or inflict damage if necessary. They can also come in the form of carabiners instead of keychains, which makes them more versatile than standard EDC pens.

How they Work: You can use these weapons in many ways, such as jamming them into an assailant’s neck or chest, extending them outward while holding onto the handles, and using them to whip or bludgeon an enemy.

Advantages: These weapons do not require any maintenance and can be attached to your keychain for easy access at all times. They’re also light, inexpensive, and legal in all 50 states.

Disadvantages: You’ll need to keep a close eye (and hand) on these items if you attach them directly onto your keys. Also, most of these spikes will dull after several months of use, which means they won’t produce as severe injuries as originally intended.

Tape Measures

You may think that tape measures don’t belong on the list of effective everyday carry self-defense weapons, but you’d be wrong. For example, this tape measure includes a hidden stainless steel spike that can be used for self-defense purposes. It also has an LED light, which comes in handy if you’re working on a project at night.

How it Works: The spike is concealed inside the tape measure, but all you have to do is flick open the tab over the tape’s hook point and pull out the spike. Since there are no moving parts, it will always be ready when you need it most. The LED light is activated by pushing down on one end of the tape’s button.

Advantages: This product is legal in all 50 states, doesn’t require any maintenance or batteries, and can attach conveniently to your keychain for easy access. Also, its small size makes this product easy to conceal and highly effective in self-defense situations.

Disadvantages: There’s no way to fold the spike back inside the tape measure, which means you’ll need to be careful not to poke yourself or anyone else by mistake. Also, since it has an exposed metal tip, this product may cause injuries if used improperly (and you’re likely to dull the spike quickly).

Everyday Carry Bats

You’re probably thinking that baseball bats don’t belong on a list of everyday carry weapons – but think again! For example, there are all kinds of everyday carry bats available these days that look like harmless telescoping devices, flagpoles, tent poles and even walking sticks. This particular everyday carry bat is made from lightweight steel and comes with a foldable rubber grip.

How they Work: Some of these everyday carry bats are telescoping devices that can extend to the size of a full-size baseball bat. Others look like harmless walking sticks or flagpoles but come equipped with concealed metal tips that can be used for self defense purposes. Canes also work well as hidden weapons, especially if you attach something sharp at one end (like this cane sword ). Those who prefer less-lethal options may want to consider telescoping tactical pens instead. Not only do they come in similar styles, but they’re also made from lightweight aircraft aluminum and will never cause lasting damage.

Advantages: These items are legal in all states, easy to deploy when necessary, and are sturdy when in use. Some everyday carry bats can telescope to a length of more than 36 inches, which means it’s possible to inflict some serious damage without relying on an exposed metal tip.

Disadvantages: Like most other telescoping items, everyday carry bats will eventually become dull after repeated use. It’s also important to remember that these products require both hands to extend, which is not always convenient in emergencies.

How to Use a Pocket Knife for Self Defense

Everyday Carry Knives

You’d be surprised how many types of everyday carry knives are available these days, including keychain-sized products! This folding tactical knife includes several useful features, including a serrated spine side for starting fires or cutting rope. Like most other products on this list, it can be legally carried in all 50 states, even in places where switchblades are prohibited.

How they Work: Most everyday carry knives don’t extend very far (if at all) when in use, but that’s part of what makes them convenient and easy to conceal. For example, none of the items on this list will produce puncture wounds deeper than 3/8″. However, these knives do come with exposed blades or sharp metal tips that can be used for self-defense purposes – like stabbing an attacker’s vital organs or inflicting deep cuts. Because these knives fold when not being used, you’ll need to open them manually before using them.

Advantages: These products are legal in all 50 states thanks to their concealed designs, can be attached to a keychain or lanyard for easy access, and won’t leave lasting damage behind if used properly.

Disadvantages: Most everyday carry knives are small and don’t have very long blades, so they may not work as well as other self-defense weapons in situations where an attacker is too far away. Also, it’s important to remember that these products will eventually dull after repeated use (just like most telescoping items).

Everyday Carry Flashlights

Sure, tactical flashlights may not look like traditional everyday carry items – but there are plenty of them available today that double as self defense weapons! For example, this LED flashlight includes a metal spike at the end of its barrel, which can be used to blind attackers in low-light conditions.

How they Work: Whether you choose a small flashlight or a larger one, it must work efficiently in darkness. When searching for everyday carry flashlights, you’ll need to pay attention to more than just the size of its light – look for a high lumen count and a strong cone of light. The more light there is at your disposal, the easier it will be to effectively blind an attacker from close range. Most of these products are equipped with metal spikes or glass breaking points, which can be used to cut or impale someone if necessary.

Advantages: These items come equipped with powerful beams, metal spikes, and glass breaking points… all of which can be used for self defense purposes if necessary.

Disadvantages: These products may not look like traditional everyday carry items. Like most other tactical items, this product will eventually become dull after repeated use.

Everyday Carry Paracord Bracelets

With all the focus on paracord survival bracelets these days, it’s easy to forget that some of them can double as a weapon! For example, this bracelet includes a hidden blade that can inflict serious damage to an attacker from close range… which is why it’s one of our top picks for everyday carry weapons.

How they Work: While there are plenty of different types of paracord survival bracelets available, any model you choose should include a sturdy metal clasp and a length of paracord. With this setup, you’ll be able to use the device as a means for choking an attacker from behind (provided they’re within arm’s length). Alternatively, you can simply wrap the cord around your fist before making contact – that way, you’ll give yourself more power with each punch!

Advantages: These products are legal in all 50 states thanks to their concealed designs and lightweight construction. Plus, this product is designed specifically for self defense purposes, so it comes equipped with a metal clasp and strong beads.

Disadvantages: Paracord survival bracelets don’t have much reach, so they may not work as well as other self-defense weapons in long-distance situations (like when an attacker is armed with a knife).

Everyday Carry Belt Buckles

Belts are commonplace items in most wardrobes.

which is exactly why you should consider adding one to your everyday carry. Because these products are worn close to the body, they’re highly concealable and can be used for self defense purposes, too. For example, this belt buckle comes equipped with a hidden knife that can inflict serious damage when swung at an attacker (thereby making it our top pick for everyday carry weapons).

How they Work: If you choose a traditional belt, it must fit snugly around your waist before being buckled into place. It should also have a strong metal buckle that won’t break after repeated use. If you’re buying a more tactical belt with a buckle, be sure to look for one that’s made of hard metals (e.g. steel) and has a ridged surface. With this setup, you’ll have more strength behind each strike.

Advantages: These are perfect for concealed carry, so they can be worn underneath clothing without being noticed. Like most other everyday carry items, these weapons are lightweight and long-lasting – making them highly practical self defense tools.

Disadvantages: Belt buckles don’t have much range, which means they won’t work as well as other products in certain situations (like when an attacker is armed with a knife).

Stun Guns for Self Defense

Stun Guns

Self defense is all about preparedness, and a little preparation can go a long way. For example, you never know when an attacker might try to surprise you from close range.

Which is why it’s important to always carry some sort of protection along with you. By investing in a high-quality stun gun, you’ll be able to defend yourself against people and wild animals alike – making it one of the best everyday carry weapons out there.

How they Work: Stun guns work by sending two probes into an attacker’s body that subsequently distract them with electrical currents. Most models include buttons on their side that activate these probes, but newer versions are equipped with flashlights at the top (making them look like flashlights instead).

Advantages: Because these are lightweight, they can be worn quite discreetly – which means you won’t have to worry about drawing attention to yourself when you’re carrying these items. Plus, most models are small enough to fit in your pocket, so you’ll always have protection at the ready!

Disadvantages: Stun guns have limited reach, which means they aren’t as effective against armed attackers who are wearing thick clothing or at a great distance away from the user.

10 Weapons That Look Like Everyday Items – Conclusion

No matter who you are or where you live, it’s important to always be prepared for the worst. Thankfully, self defense products like these can make that job much easier (no matter your level of experience)!

Summary: This article lists 10 weapons that look like everyday items and how they work. It also highlights their advantages and disadvantages.

Article body: This article is about 10 weapons that look like everyday carry items. What makes them special is that they’re both lightweight and defensive – basically, a strap with a metal clasp at one end capable of inflicting damage on an attacker.

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