Why Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Expire?

Why Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Expire?

If you own a┬ácarbon monoxide detector, you may notice a certain expiration date written on your device. This first started to make me curious, as I wondered whether carbon monoxide detectors go bad. Why do they expire? What exactly is going to happen if the … Read more

Best Form Of Self Defense For Real Life Situations

Improvised Weapons

What happens when you encounter a potential attacker? Well, this happens many times and we find ourselves frustrated with our incapacity to handle the looming danger. It is not that we don’t want to fight but our instinct for self-preservation rears its head and stops … Read more

Are Tactical Pens Good For Self-Defense?

Are Tactical Pens Good for Self-Defense?

Are tactical pens good for self-defense? Well, it depends on who you ask. They are certainly better than nothing at all if things go south. But how much should you spend, and what can you expect? If you’re not sure whether this item can help … Read more