Cost Of Self Defense Classes – Is It Worth It?

Cost of Self Defense Classes

Self-defense classes are a worthwhile investment, but the cost of lessons might be a cause for concern. Are these lessons worth paying for? Are there any available online? It isn’t just about being able to defend yourself. Self-defense classes have been shown to lower levels … Read more

18 Proven Self Defense Tips For College Students

Self Defense Tips for College Students

Status has never been more dangerous to college students than it is today. Rather than indicating privilege and an upper-tier among peers, the status triggers violent crimes. Each year, the number of students killed in violent confrontation increases. Reports show that college students are increasingly becoming susceptible … Read more

Best Martial Arts For Women Self Defense

Best Martial Arts for Women Self Defense

Martial arts aren’t just for men, women can and should take part too. Martial arts for women is a great idea, allowing you to get fit and learn self-defense techniques! Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss the best martial arts for women self defense. You’ll get to … Read more

Best Martial Art For A Small Woman

Best Martial Art for a Small Woman

Research shows increased violence against women. UN Women reports that approximately 33% of all women globally have been subjected to violence at one point of their lives. As such, there is a need for women to equip themselves with reliable self-defense techniques. For example, some forms of … Read more

Is It Legal To Carry A Pepper Spray Gun? A Check on All 50 States

Is it Legal to Carry a Pepper Spray Gun?

A pepper spray gun is a type of self-defense item that is becoming more and more popular in this day and age. Americans are increasingly feeling the need to arm themselves for their safety. Military officers have used pepper spray guns, also known as mace … Read more

Are Tactical Pens Good For Self-Defense?

Are Tactical Pens Good for Self-Defense?

Are tactical pens good for self-defense? Well, it depends on who you ask. They are certainly better than nothing at all if things go south. But how much should you spend, and what can you expect? If you’re not sure whether this item can help … Read more

10 Best Self Defense Weapons For Women

Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

According to research by the US Department of Justice, violence against women is on the rise globally. Approximately 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually in the US alone.  When you internalize these findings, you opine that possessing self-defense tools is no longer an option. I … Read more