10 Most Vulnerable Parts Of The Human Body

Most Vulnerable Parts of the Human Body

Targeting the most vulnerable parts of the human body increases your chances of surviving an attack significantly. A kick on these regions will incapacitate your attacker and allow you to flee. If you’re wondering how to target these points precisely, this article is for you. … Read more

18 Proven Self Defense Tips For College Students

Self Defense Tips for College Students

Status has never been more dangerous to college students than it is today. Rather than indicating privilege and an upper-tier among peers, the status triggers violent crimes. Each year, the number of students killed in violent confrontation increases. Reports show that college students are increasingly becoming susceptible … Read more

7 Best Martial Arts For Kids

Best Martial Arts for Kids

Best martial arts for kids? Is it necessary? Well, training your kids in martial arts is a great idea. Besides learning some cool moves and getting in shape, they will also learn important values such as respect, discipline, courage, and perseverance. Additionally, kids that learn … Read more

Best Martial Art For Older Beginners

Best Martial Art for Older Beginners

So you think you’re too old to learn a martial art? According to many of the instructors I’ve spoken with – and some scientific studies – the best time to start martial arts is any time after 20 years old. Of course, there is always … Read more

Best Martial Arts For Women Self Defense

Best Martial Arts for Women Self Defense

Martial arts aren’t just for men, women can and should take part too. Martial arts for women is a great idea, allowing you to get fit and learn self-defense techniques! Sounds interesting? Let’s discuss the best martial arts for women self defense. You’ll get to … Read more