How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Short answer: It depends on the company/brand. But usually, 10-90 days depending on needs. For example, supermarkets may need records for up to 3 months while home cameras may only require a max of 10 days record. A lot of video surveillance companies are now … Read more

Best Ear Protection For Shooting Reviews

Best Hearing Protection For Shooting Reviews

Is it necessary to use ear protection when going shooting, or can you get by without using them? That is a really important question worth considering if you are new to target practice. To protect your ears, you should at least use ear muffs while … Read more

What Causes Video Loss In Security Cameras?

What Causes Video Loss in Security Cameras?

What happens when you lose video on a security camera? If you’ve ever had this happen before, it was probably one of the most frustrating experiences imaginable. You might have been watching your cameras and all of a sudden they show nothing but static. They … Read more

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras

Who doesn’t love home security cameras? They’re like the police, but cheaper and with better night vision. But there’s a problem: what if you want to turn them off? What will you do? Where do you start? Well, the fact that you looked up this … Read more

Why Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Expire?

Why Do Carbon Monoxide Detectors Expire?

If you own a┬ácarbon monoxide detector, you may notice a certain expiration date written on your device. This first started to make me curious, as I wondered whether carbon monoxide detectors go bad. Why do they expire? What exactly is going to happen if the … Read more