How To Install Safety First Cabinet Locks

How To Install Safety First Cabinet Locks

While installing other cabinet locks requires drilling and the use of a screwdriver, installing Safety 1st cabinet locks is fast! It comes with adhesive and magnetic properties that allow a convenient no-drill installation. Safety 1st locks are the best cabinet locks for safety that I have ever seen. They are … Read more

How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

How Long Do Home Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Short answer: It depends on the company/brand. But usually, 10-90 days depending on needs. For example, supermarkets may need records for up to 3 months while home cameras may only require a max of 10 days record. A lot of video surveillance companies are now … Read more

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras

Who doesn’t love home security cameras? They’re like the police, but cheaper and with better night vision. But there’s a problem: what if you want to turn them off? What will you do? Where do you start? Well, the fact that you looked up this … Read more

Can Tenants Install Security Cameras?

Can Tenants Install Security Cameras

The short answer: yes (with some caveats). Your landlord cannot legally prevent you from installing security cameras in your apartment to monitor what goes on there, but there are some important exceptions. In this article, we answer the question “can tenants install security cameras?” exhaustively. … Read more

Does Aluminum Foil Block GPS Tracking?

Using Aluminum Foil to Block GPS Signals

There have been several theories on the ability of aluminized foil to prevent GPS tracking and communications. Some claim it can be used as a component in blocking such signals, while others maintain it is worthless for the job. So, does aluminum foil block GPS … Read more

6 Best Motion Activated Surveillance Cameras For Home

Best Motion Activated Surveillance Cameras for Home

Motion activated surveillance cameras and sensors are a great way to keep your home and family safe. From potential intruders to unwanted pets, motion activated surveillance cameras can help you capture every moment. The best motion sensor surveillance camera typically includes: Night vision allows for … Read more