5 Best Home Defense Weapon For Seniors

Best Home Defense Weapon for Seniors

 A report by the Center for Disease Control shows a rise in violence against the elderly. It highlights the glim picture of the worsening welfare of the seniors. Between 2007 and 2016, the rate of nonfatal assault among the elderly increased by 75.4% (men) and 35.4% (women). … Read more

Best Form Of Self Defense For Real Life Situations

Improvised Weapons

What happens when you encounter a potential attacker? Well, this happens many times and we find ourselves frustrated with our incapacity to handle the looming danger. It is not that we don’t want to fight but our instinct for self-preservation rears its head and stops … Read more

Cost Of Self Defense Classes – Is It Worth It?

Cost of Self Defense Classes

Self-defense classes are a worthwhile investment, but the cost of lessons might be a cause for concern. Are these lessons worth paying for? Are there any available online? It isn’t just about being able to defend yourself. Self-defense classes have been shown to lower levels … Read more

10 Most Vulnerable Parts Of The Human Body

Most Vulnerable Parts of the Human Body

Targeting the most vulnerable parts of the human body increases your chances of surviving an attack significantly. A kick on these regions will incapacitate your attacker and allow you to flee. If you’re wondering how to target these points precisely, this article is for you. … Read more