Pepper Spray Vs Stun Gun – Which Should You Buy?

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When it comes to self-defense, you’ll likely be bombarded with myriad options of self defense tools. Pepper spray, stun guns, batons, personal alarms…the list goes on.

Pepper spray vs stun gun question is one of the most frequently asked and discussed topics among women and personal safety advocates. So, which is the best between the two?

Well, this is a kind of a trick question. Because both pepper spray and stun guns have their strengths and weaknesses. However, this article will exhaustively answer the question!

Pepper Spray Vs Stun Gun

Pepper Spray vs Stun Gun – Which is Better?

Pepper Spray Review

Pepper spray is a lachrymatory agent-type of a self-defense product that is made from the substance found in chili peppers. Mainly, this vegetable oil is derived from chili peppers through a process of solvent extraction.

The use of capsicum as a self-defense mechanism is highly effective in disabling an assailant regardless of their size and strength. It’s extremely painful and causes temporary blindness for around half an hour at least, depending on the severity of the exposure.

Pros of Pepper Spray

Can Be Used from A Distance

Unlike many other self-defense items, you can attack your assailant without getting close to where they are. As such, you don’t have to worry about becoming a victim yourself.

Can Be Used on Many People at Once

Another benefit of pepper spray is that you can use it against multiple assailants with just one hand, which means you can keep your other arm free from defending yourself or running away. And if the assailant does come toward you, you can always quickly spray more of the product.

Quite Affordable

In general, pepper spray is a lot more affordable than many other self-defense products. In fact, there are many cheap models available online which you can get for less than $20.

Easy to Use

Using pepper spray is straightforward. However, this is not always the case with other products. Many of them require two hands to operate and require some form of training before you can effectively use them in an emergency.

However, you should note that some states has regulations that guide the use of pepper spray. Read here for more guidelines.

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Cons of Pepper Spray


While pepper spray itself is not flammable, most of the aerosol propellants are. This can cause the assailant to catch fire in case they had a source of fire with them. This may be counterproductive and may lead to death.

Tendency to Malfunction

Another issue is that when compared with stun guns, pepper spray has more likelihood of malfunctioning especially in colder environments where ingredients of pepper sprays tend to freeze.

Will Not be Effective in Cold and Windy Environment

Also, the ingredients of pepper spray tend to freeze when exposed to cold and windy environments. In such cases, this may render your pepper spray useless as you will not be able to use it for self-defense purposes.

Stun Guns Review

On the other hand, a stun gun is an electronic device that is used for self-defense purposes by sending electric shocks to the assailant. This contact with electricity will immobilize him/her temporarily.

It has a self-defense mechanism of high-voltage, low ampere current that doesn’t kill or injure your assailants, but rather leaves them immobilized for some time which you can use to escape from the scene.

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Pros of Stun Guns

Can Be Used Both at a Distance and in Close Quarters

Unlike pepper spray, stun guns can be used both at a distance and in close quarters without posing a danger to the user. A long-distance shot can be effective in neutralizing your assailant before they can get to you, allowing you enough time to escape.

Tendency to Malfunction is Minimal

Stun guns are prone to less malfunctioning than pepper spray because there aren’t any flammable ingredients that may freeze up when used outdoors during the winter. However, it’s still best to keep them inside your pockets during the cold season.

Quite Affordable

Stun guns are usually quite cheap, provided that you buy them from a reputable source which you can find online.

Cons of Stun Guns

Can be Used Against You

The assailant may also use the stun gun on you if they had one with them. The high-voltage currents of a stun gun can seriously injure or even kill you if the assailant manages to touch both ends of your body.

Can Cause Injury or Death

The high-voltage currents of a stun gun can cause injury or death to the user if they touch it directly on their body, particularly on poorly insulated parts such as the eyes, etc.

Pepper Spray vs Stun Gun: Which One is Better?

Both stun guns and pepper sprays have their pros and cons. In general, stun guns seem to be a better option to use in self-defense because of the following reasons:

They can be used both at a distance and in close quarters without posing danger to the user. They are much cheaper than pepper spray. Stun guns are not as likely to malfunction as pepper spray. Stun guns are less likely to cause injury or death to the users if they touch them directly on their bodies. Can be Used Either Indoor or Outdoor

In some cases, stun guns can also be used indoors. If you live in a place where you have a security issue, a stun gun may be a good choice as it can immobilize the assailant even if they come towards you from the front.

Pepper Spray vs Stun Gun: The Final Verdict

In a nutshell, stun guns seem to be a better option than pepper spray because of their low rate of malfunctioning, ease of use, and their cheap prices. However, it’s still best to keep them inside your pockets during the cold season.

Overall, you should assess your needs before settling for your ideal self defense tools. Always consider factors such as legality in your state of residence, efficacy, affordability, and your needs. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

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