How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

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Who doesn’t love home security cameras? They’re like the police, but cheaper and with better night vision. But there’s a problem: what if you want to turn them off?

What will you do? Where do you start?

Well, the fact that you looked up this article already shows you could be in a quagmire. But don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds.

We offer you a step-by-step guide on how to turn off home security cameras without a hassle. Let’s dive in.

How To Turn Off Home Security Cameras

How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras – Step-by-Step Guide

1. Get a screwdriver

You’ll need a small tool to open up the back of your camera. A penny works well, but you can get a screwdriver from any department store for cheap easily. Make sure it’s small enough to fit in your camera’s housing and won’t damage it.

2. Pry the camera apart

This part should be fairly easy. Just start unscrewing everything around your camera until it’s open enough to see the inside. Work slowly – remember, you don’t want to damage your precious security device.

3. Identify your camera’s “on” switch

Before you can turn off home security cameras, first you need to turn their switch off. Many cameras have a “standby” switch that you can just flip into the “off” position.

If this doesn’t work, try looking for a red or green light on your camera. If it’s lit up but not streaming video, it’s probably in standby mode and ready to be flipped into off mode.

4. Flip the camera into “standby” mode

Once you have identified your camera’s “on” switch, flip it to standby mode. If it didn’t have a standby switch, just reach in and yank on the power cord until the light goes off. You should be ready to turn off home security cameras after this.

5. Put the camera back together

Reconnect your home security cameras like you originally had them and make sure they fit snugly in their housing – sometimes this is all it takes to turn off home security cameras. If not, well… keep reading!

How to Disable Home Security Cameras

Turning Off Home Security Cameras: When All Else Fails

If turning off your home security cameras with the above steps doesn’t work, you might need to go more extreme.

1. Pull out the power cord

If your camera still won’t turn off, it might be drawing electricity even when not in standby mode. Try disconnecting the power cord and putting it back after a minute or two – sometimes this is all it takes to turn off home security cameras.

2. Pull out the battery

Some cameras have a backup battery that makes them reset the camera’s “on” switch. This is a rare case, but it could be an issue with your camera. Just pop open the back of your camera and pull out the battery if you have to.

3. Turn off home security cameras

If you’re still having trouble turning off home security cameras, it might be time to do some vandalism! (Just kidding – don’t do that!)

Theft-proofing your home security cameras is always an option, but you can also get dummy cameras to confuse any would-be thieves! This way they’ll think the entire house is monitored by law enforcement when it’s just empty plastic.

4. Don’t forget about your smoke alarm!

If you don’t want to deal with any of these problems, just get a smoke alarm! They work well and they’re pretty cheap.

How to Turn Off Home Security Cameras – Conclusion

As you can see turning off home security cameras isn’t so hard after all – especially if you have help from this article. Good luck and happy monitoring!

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