How To Track A Car With GPS For Free?

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Do you want to track your car in real-time but don’t want to install expensive gadgets on it? Well, you can now track your car for free with the help of GPS software.

GPS technology is now available on mobile phones and there are thousands of third-party apps which you can use to track any vehicle in real-time. This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to track a car with GPS for free.

How To Track A Car With GPS For Free?

What is a GPS System?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and it is a network of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites that can pinpoint your location and show your current speed.

The GPS was initially developed by the US Department of Defense but has now been made available to civilian users as well.

How does GPS work?

The concept behind the working of GPS is simple. As soon as you turn your GPS-enabled device on, the system automatically picks up signals from the satellites orbiting around the Earth.

These signals hold vital information like your current location and other relevant data that can be used to plot a map of your area.

Essentially, GPS devices make use of the triangulation method to calculate your position. This means that it calculates your location by finding the shortest distance between you and 3 different satellites.

If you are looking for a guide on how to track vehicles with GPS, you must first know that there are three types of tracking systems: active, passive and assisted passive tracking. 

Types of GPS Car Tracking Systems

While all three systems use the same concept of GPS, the only difference is in the way they receive and process signals from the satellites.

  • Active Tracking: In this system, your GPS device emits a signal to the satellite each time it calculates your position which tells the satellite where you are. But while this sounds simple enough, there is one drawback; it uses up a great deal of battery power.
  • Passive Tracking: In this system, your GPS device receives signals from the satellite and calculates its position. This means you don’t have to emit a signal each time you need to know your location. This is because an active tracker emits a signal now and then while a passive one simply listens for a message from the satellites. The biggest advantage of a passive tracker is that it uses very little battery power.
  • Assisted Passive Tracking: This system works on a more complex concept. It’s a mix of the two tracking systems mentioned above. In this system, your GPS device emits a signal to the satellite only when it needs to calculate its position and then passively listens for signals from other satellites. This helps the device save plenty of battery power.

How to Track a Car With GPS using Google Maps?

The easiest way to track your vehicle is by using Google Maps on your Android or iOS phone/tablet. All you have to do is turn on location services and let maps scan for your current location. You can also use GPS tracking services on your phone, but they might block the device’s internet connection.

Best Android Apps to Track a Car with GPS on Google Maps?

There are several “GPS tracker” apps available for Android that can be used to track both moving and stationary objects on Google Maps. You can also get similar results using some of the best navigation apps for Android. So, here are some of the best GPS tracking apps for your device:

1) iTrail GPS Tracker:

This is one of the most popular tracking solutions available on the Google Play Store and it works on both Android and iOS devices. Using the iTrail GPS tracker on your iPhone or any other Apple device is as simple as downloading the official app from the App Store. Users running Google’s operating system can enjoy all of iTrail’s features by downloading their Android-optimized app.

Their key feature is real-time tracking, which means you can effectively track any object connected to your phone or tablet. You can also set up alerts for entering and exiting a predefined area. For Android users, iTrail offers free voice calling which is a bonus. However, its data plan can be quite costly for large families or organizations.

2) Google Maps:

If you are looking for an easy tracker, then there’s no easier option than Google Maps. All you have to do is turn on the Location Tracking option in your settings menu and let Google do the rest. You can also use this method on iOS devices by turning on the location services option in your phone’s settings menu.

There are two limitations of using this method to track a car with GPS. First, you must have access to an internet connection since Google Maps uses it to get data from satellites. Second, while the app is free to download, it offers only certain features for free. The rest are available with one-time or monthly subscriptions that can be quite expensive.

3) GPS Tracking Pro:

If you are looking for an alternative to iTrail, this free app is worth checking out. GPS Tracking Pro has everything you need in a simple yet effective tracker. It lets you track up to 3 objects on Google Maps simultaneously while its Android app is completely free of cost. The main advantage of this tracker is that it doesn’t depend on your device’s internet connection for location tracking.

What are the Best Navigation Apps for Tracking a Car with GPS? The best navigation apps can also be used to track down your vehicle. All you have to do is tap the “My Location” button on their home screen and use it as a tracker for your car. However, most of these apps are paid ones with recurring charges after the initial free period expires. So, here are some of our recommendations:


This navigation app boasts more than 70 million users and it’s completely free to download and use. It lets you share your location with other users in the area, which makes it even more effective for tracking down your car with GPS. The app also offers turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, real-time traffic updates, auto-reporting of accidents, speed traps, road hazards or traffic jams, and more.

Installing a GPS Device on Your Car

If you want a foolproof solution for tracking down your car, then getting a GPS device installed in it is the best option. Several professionals can help you with this process.

The good thing is that these devices don’t cost a lot and once installed, they work for years without needing any additional maintenance support. However, some will require a monthly subscription.

5 Best GPS Device System for the Money

1. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker – No Monthly Fee Included

How To Track A Car With GPS For Free?

You never want to worry again. If your vehicle is stolen, you can rest easy with the Invoxia cellular GPS tracker by turning on live tracking anytime from anywhere!

It does not only offer up to 2 years of personal coverage but also a reliable tracking system. An alarm will sound as soon as there is any intrusion in your geofenced zones.

Buy the Invoxia cellular GPS tracker without a monthly fee commitment and monitor someone else yourself!

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2. Global-View Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Car Tracking Device with Software

How to Track a Car with Google Maps

As the leading provider of GPS tracking hardware, Global View knows that businesses are always on the move! That’s why they developed an accessory to suit nearly any fleet owner. The Global-View Magnetic GPS Tracker helps you maintain control, without driving up your overhead cost.

Specifications: With its ultra-thin design and low-profile mounting options, this magnetic GPS tracker is perfect for large trucks with tight loading areas or small sedans with limited trunk space. This optional theft deterrent can be installed in 3 simple steps – making it a breeze to install at home or remotely across the country.

Protecting your assets has never been easier! 

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The global-view Magnetic GPS Tracker features tamper detection software which alerts the user if there’s ever any tampering.

3. GPS Tracker for Vehicle – Discover It – 4G Real-Time GPS Tracking Device Monitoring System

can i track my car with navigation system

Do you know how it feels to be sitting in your car wondering where you parked? Well, now there is no reason to stress! Get yourself the 4G GPS Tracker for Vehicle – Discover It and use its monitoring system.

Never run out of battery again with a maximum of 200 days on standby mode, this tracker is constantly looking out for you. Using Google or the Apple app store, your device can send SMS notifications when the lost item locator reaches anyone these custom geo-fence zones that you create.

Allowing tracking accuracy up to 50 feet, this 4G GPS tracker will track until it finds what you need most–a locating signal emanating from your misplaced items. When paired with an iTrail Data Plan or Unlimited Range Monthly SIM card bundled.

This product is free for the first 12 months. Afterward, you’ll have renewal plans that start at $9.99 per month.

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4. Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles

Best GPS Car Tracking System

Like a lost puppy, your thing must be somewhere. This GPS tracker will find it and tell you where to go pick up all your goods.

With the Spytec GPS Tracker for vehicles and cars, we give you capabilities found in larger trackers but without the size. This product is small enough to fit on cars or motorcycles yet has an internal battery that can last 2 weeks.

You can activate the free plan and later renew at $19.95/month annually or $24.95/month.

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5. Tracki (2021) Mini GPS Tracker Magnetic

Best Car Tracking System

Tracki is an innovative GPS tracking solution for Android and iOS devices that comes with a built-in Bluetooth. It offers several advanced features like Geo-Fencing, iBeacon support, and an Affordable Monthly Fee subscription.

The best part about Tracki is that it can be attached to any vehicle or other object using the tracker’s adhesive sticker and magnets. This means Track can be used to keep track of pets, bicycles, cars, and even your mobile device in case you lose it!

Additionally, the device comes with a rechargeable battery with a life span of 5 days with real-time tracking after every 5 minutes. If frequent tracking is not required, the battery will last longer.

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How To Track a Car With GPS for Free? Conclusion

If you’ve been wondering how to beef up security for your vehicle, look no further. The High-End GPS trackers for your vehicle are the perfect solution, allowing you to park with ease and have complete trust that whatever you’re driving will be parked in the same spot when you get back!

Finding a GPS Tracker for Car is now so much easier with this article. Now you know all the top brands and Which one to buy. Please leave us a comment if we missed any or if there’s something else you’d like to see featured.

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