How To Power Wireless Security Cameras

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How are wireless security cameras powered? This is a common question that bothers homeowners as they shop for the best home security cameras.

While it may appear far-fetched, this concern is valid. Nobody would want a camera that is on and off. It could be powerless when you need it the most!

As such, you must get assurance that you are getting an always on wireless security camera. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can get any footage you want at any time. 

So, how to power wireless security cameras for continuous video recording? Let’s find out. 

How To Power Wireless Security Cameras

Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Power?

First, it’s crucial to understand the basics of wireless home security systems. While they are not common, wireless security cameras do exist, and they are gaining popularity fast. 

How these two variations get power is a bit different as detailed below:

  • Wired surveillance cameras require power to function. They need to be hooked up directly to the electrical grid through the use of metal wires and outlets.
  • Wireless surveillance cameras don’t require direct power. They are powered by batteries, solar power, or transmitters.

Just like any other wireless device, no matter how powerful they may be, they are useless without a proper charge/power system.

How To Power Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless cameras are powered through three different techniques, including:

1. Battery-Operated Wireless Security Cameras

Most wireless security cameras rely on batteries to run their systems. These batteries give them enough juice for about 8 hours-2 weeks before they need recharging.

How long they can go largely depends on the type of camera and its internal components.

Of course, choosing a superior quality surveillance system with high-grade batteries is key to having your cameras running for longer periods without interruption.

2. Solar-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Best Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras

If high-grade batteries are not enough, then there is always solar power. This type of device doesn’t just rely on the sun’s rays to collect energy for its components; it stores that energy in an internal battery pack to keep them running strong all day long.

The only drawback is that surveillance cameras with solar power have to be out in the open. They must have enough direct access to the sun’s rays at all times, or they won’t function properly.

This process is a bit complicated given most homes are surrounded by trees and buildings which prevents these devices from getting a steady flow of energy during the day.

3. Transmitter-Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Lastly, there are surveillance cameras that get their power from radio waves or other forms of wireless signals. They do this by collecting these energy sources and transferring them to an internal battery pack for storage until they use it up.

This is the most convenient way to power your security camera system as you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or getting a proper charge.

How Long Do Batteries Last in a Wireless Security Camera?

So, how long do the batteries last in these types of surveillance systems? That depends.

These batteries last anywhere between 1-3 years depending on how well you maintain your security cameras.

If you choose quality battery packs that are rechargeable, then they will last longer than non-rechargeable batteries.

However, if you keep using them until they run out of juice, then you can expect to get less life out of your surveillance system.

How to Power Wireless Security Cameras- Bottom Line

Given these three different power sources, it’s no wonder why wireless security cameras exist and are gaining popularity fast.

There is nothing as convenient as having your home surveillance system running 24-7 without the need for constant maintenance. Just make sure that you choose a powerful device with a strong enough battery pack to ensure your camera can go all day long.

With that being said, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens in or around your home, it’s being captured by your wireless security cameras.

How to Power Security Cameras

How To Power Wireless Security Cameras – Frequently Asked Questions

How long do security cameras last?

Security cameras typically run for 1-3 years before they need replacing, but this also depends on the type of camera you buy. You can check our post about how to choose a wireless home security system.

Which are better, wired or wireless surveillance systems?

While both work great in terms of keeping your home secure, wireless systems are often preferred. This is because they are easy to install and you usually don’t have to deal with running cords or wiring throughout your property.

How long do security cameras record for?

Security cameras typically record between 1-3 weeks on average before they need a battery replacing/recharging.

How much does a wireless CCTV camera cost?

A wireless CCTV camera system is very affordable. You can buy a complete system for as low as $100 on some sites, but you’ll need to spend more if your home or area is larger/more complex.

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