Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

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When it comes to protecting your firearms there are only two ways to do so. Either you can own a safe or you can store them in a way that keeps them inaccessible to children and thieves.

Both methods have their inherent benefits and disadvantages. On the one hand, owning a well-built safe will provide you and your family with the protection they need if a home invasion occurs. But it is expensive.

Keeping your guns out of the hands of children can also be done by keeping them locked away from people who are not authorized to use them. This is commonly referred to as childproofing.

But what if neither of these options is available? What is the best way to store guns without a safe? Well, you can store your guns using alternative techniques.

Although this may sound like an insecure way to store firearms, it can provide you with a level of security that is just as good as owning a safe. This method involves three steps: Locking, Storing, and Securing your firearms.

Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe

Locking Firearms before Storage

Before any guns are stored they have to be locked first. The easiest way to do this is via trigger or cable locks. These can be purchased from nearly any firearms dealer and will cost anywhere from $3 to $15 depending on the type and brand you buy.

Storing Firearms 

Once your firearm is locked, simply place it in a proper storage container that cannot be accessed by children or thieves. The storage container does not have to be anything fancy as long as it can be locked. Some possible storage containers include:

  • Plastic bins
  • Metal cabinets or lockers with/without glass windows.

Store your firearm in a Secure Storage Container before securing it using a Long Cable Lock. A locked cabinet that is bolted to the floor will also keep your firearms inaccessible to criminals and children.

Ideally, you want to put as much distance between where your firearm is stored and where it can be accessed. This means storing it in a locked cabinet that is either against a wall, inside another room, or in the basement.

Securing Firearms with a Cable Lock

Securing a Gun using a Cable Lock

Once your firearms are out of the hands of unauthorized users and stored in a locked container, you can move on to secure them further. This is done via cable locks which use steel cables to secure the trigger guards of long guns so they cannot be fired.

The benefit of using a cable lock is that you can secure your firearm anywhere –– it does not have to be inside a storage container or locked safe. This allows you to quickly and easily lock up your firearms whenever they are not in use. Cable locks also allow you to take your firearms anywhere you want without having to be concerned about their safety.

Having a cable lock on a shotgun is a good way to ensure that it will not accidentally discharge while it is being transported via vehicle or boat. If someone were to bump into the back of your car, for example, you can rest assured knowing that there isn’t a good chance your firearm will accidentally go off.

However, cable locks are not perfect. They can be cut or snapped with tools if someone wanted to get them off. This means that locking your firearms up in this fashion is only part of the equation when it comes to keeping your guns out of the wrong hands.

You must also keep them out of sight. If you keep your firearms in the open or accessible enough for someone to grab and use them without a cable lock they are just as good as having no luck at all.

The best way to secure firearms is by keeping them on your person or in a locked storage container that they have been secured using cable locks. This reduces the chances of them falling into the wrong hands and causing harm.

How to Secure Your Gun

Other Methods of Storing Your Guns without a Safe

Gun Storage Bag

A gun storage bag is ideal, especially when you want to keep moisture at bay. It does not have to be a fancy bag––just something that can keep your firearm from being damaged by the elements.

A gun storage bag is perfect for short-term storage if you need to take your firearm with you when going out, but do not want to leave it in the open.

Gun Storage Cabinet

There is also the option of using a gun storage cabinet which can be bolted down to prevent thieves from taking it. However, you must ensure that your firearm cannot be accessed by children before securing them inside this way.

There are two main types of gun storage cabinets – general and glass door cabinets. The glass door is ideal if you want to showcase the gun and get assurance of its presence every time.

False Ventilation Wall

There is also the gun storage wall which is built to conceal your firearm behind a false ventilation system. However, it requires complex integration of architecture, which can be expensive.

Gun Case for Gun Storage

Gun Case

If you want to take your gun with you when you leave, then you can choose to use a gun case. The benefit of using it is that you do not have to worry about securing your firearm from unauthorized users while transporting it around unlike when you use a cable lock.

However, it has been found that these cases are not as safe as they seem to be. Many of them can often be opened with a key or combination even if locked. If you must use them, you can integrate a safer lock system.

How to Safeguard your gun

Lock Box

Another option you have is to use a lockbox. This will allow you to take your firearm with you while keeping it secure at all times.

However, if someone should obtain the key to the lockbox or obtain the combination, they could easily unlock and access your firearm. Make sure that it has an extra level of security before using this option.

Best Way to Store Guns Without a Safe – Conclusion

You can choose to abide by the law or do things your way. Keep in mind that no security system will protect you if someone knows how to break through it, so always be careful when securing your firearms under any circumstances.

The best way to store guns is by keeping them on your person or in a locked storage container that they have been secured within. You can also use a gun safe as a final security measure if you do not want to rely on cable locks and lockboxes alone.

Do not just throw your firearm into one of these devices without first securing it to the device itself. There have been many cases where firearms were kept in a locked storage container or a gun safe but were still easily accessed by children.

Remember to keep all of your firearms away from the sight of others and always keep them under lock and key if you intend to use them as a deterrent. Do not rely on cable locks alone as they are only meant to be the first line of defense before using more secure lock systems.

Always take the time to ensure that your firearms are locked away properly. The last thing you want is for them to fall into the wrong hands, especially if you live with children or others who might know how to access these devices.

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