Best vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee

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If you’d love to keep a close eye on your car, but don’t want to incur recurring monthly fees, then you should consider buying the best vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee.

These devices come with features varying from real-time location sharing via smartphone apps to emergency alarm systems that can be sent once pressed – all without any recurring charges.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the cheapest ways to GPS track your car with no recurring monthly fee.

Best Vehicle Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee

What is a Vehicle Tracking Device?

A GPS vehicle tracking device is a gadget that allows you to track your car’s location, fuel level, and even its speed.

They are usually installed under the steering wheel of vehicles – either fixed with adhesive or mounted to the powertrain with screws.

Vehicle Tracking devices are used to monitor vehicles for personal or commercial purposes which include:

  • Monitoring fleet vehicles and staff members while they’re on duty.
  • Tracking down a missing car or its whereabouts when stolen. This application usually triggers an alarm and can help authorities find your vehicle. 
  • Tracking the distance traveled by a company-owned vehicle for tax purposes (which is included in operating expenses). 
  • Tracking the real-time location of your car via smartphone apps.
  • Keeping track of children in school buses or in case they are left behind in cars.
  • Recording good driving habits to help drivers with poor records improve their skills on the road.
  • Monitoring elderly people when they’re taken for medical appointments, shopping excursions, etc.

Best Vehicle Tracking Device No Monthly Fee

Now that you know what vehicle tracking devices are, here are some of the best options to consider if you’re trying to find the cheapest way to track your car’s location.

1. Reiwour 4G Wired Car GPS Tracker for Vehicles No Monthly Fee

Best Vehicle Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee

Never get lost! Reiwour 4G wired car GPS tracker devices can be installed on any flat surface of your vehicle or heavy-duty truck, and track the location of the device through an app. Advanced wireless technology with real-time whereabouts displays on mobile phones.

GPS position updates every 5 seconds for maximum performance monitoring. Additionally, you get 180 days history records of car movement (optional) that you can view from any computer/iOS App.

It can also cut power supply when abnormal alarms are received (optional), giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your assets are never out of reach.

Even better, Reiwour is implementing cutting-edge 4G LTE technology to provide a constant connection at speeds up to 10x faster than 3G network connections. This ultra-high-speed internet connectivity guarantees top-notch performance.

It includes a sim card and a one-year service. You can renew at the beginning of the second year (for only USD 69). No monthly fees are required!

2. gpsnvision – Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles

best gps tracker for car

gpsnvision is the ultimate tracking device for cars. With its high-powered 20,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, this tracker for cars lasts 2 months with average daily usage. It uses a 4G AT&T Network.

The product comes preinstalled with powerful built-in magnets that make it easy to attach to any flat metal surface of a car. Additionally, gpsnvision offers great savings by coming at low subscription rates without contracts or activation/cancellation fees.

Keep an eye on important alerts by emailing and text messaging you for movement, low battery warnings, and disconnection notices.

3. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, – USA Manufactured, Waterproof Magnet Mount

cheapest way to gps track a car

The LandAirSea GPS features an ultra-compact design, 100% waterproof, and a built-in super strength magnet with the ability to attach to the vehicle or fit in small pockets. As such, it’s easily installed and accessible no matter where you are when you need it most.

Pair the personal GPS with SilverCloud web-based Software or a simple App on your smartphone to track and map the location in real-time from anywhere at any time.

You can monitor live historical playback giving peace of mind by knowing exactly where something happened.

Additionally, you can get text & email alerts when someone uses this device without permission and get notifications sent automatically if they get out of a predefined “geofence” boundary.

4. 4G OBD GPS Tracker for Vehicles No Monthly Fee OBD2 Real Time Car Tracker

best hidden gps tracker for phone

The 4G OBD GPS Tracker plugs into the port on the end of your vehicle’s fuel gauge (OBD-II) to provide real-time location data for cars, trucks, and fleets.

With 150 days of saved monitoring history built-in, this device will allow you to track updates every 15 seconds with sophisticated 4G LTE technology without spending any money on monthly fees.

Additionally, the plug-and-play device is easy to install — power draws from the car’s battery or est vapor. Have peace of mind when letting someone else drive your vehicle by tracking vehicles coordinates with our family-friendly tracker!

5. Global-View Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Car Tracking Device with Software

Best Way to Track a Car

The Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker Car Tracking Device only requires a magnetic metal surface and takes less than 15 minutes max to install quickly and seamlessly onto any vehicle.

This sleek little device monitors both speed and location. It also shows you instant alerts any time someone moves too quickly or goes off course!

Additionally, it comes with a 2-month lithium battery lifespan that can be recharged easily by connecting it with the power source when necessary. It also gives you automated alerts so you’ll never have to wonder where your vehicle is.

With a full 12 months of data storage, you can track your car’s every move with ease. If you have a service package for us to install in your vehicle, we’ll set up a custom plan for you- no contract or fees required! 

6. Brickhouse Security Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker

Brickhouse Car Tracker

Brickhouse Security is the perfect solution for personal tracking with its smallest GPS tracker that has 4G coverage across North America.

Unlike other trackers, this one requires no long-term contract; you can use it right away! The magnetic case protects your device from water and impact giving you peace of mind.

It comes equipped with a powerful tracking system that offers accurate location data for attributes such as latitude, longitude, speed, ground elevation, direction traveled in degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise from true north course taking into account magnetic variation. 

Best Vehicle Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee Buying Guide

Choosing the best no-contract tracker on the market is like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are tons of options on the market, and they all claim to be more reliable than their competitors! But we’ve sifted through what available trackers have to offer so you don’t have to.

If you need it for one-time monitoring or just need to get out of a jam, buying a used device is even an option.

To help you find the best tracker for your situation, here’s what you should consider:

1. Is It Waterproof?

If you’re only looking to track something temporarily and it will be exposed to wet conditions or heavy rain, it’s best to get something that is waterproof. It will help protect your device from getting damaged in the weather, and let you know where the tracker is, even if it’s submerged.

2. Where Can I Use It?

Some trackers work better for certain types of vehicles than others. If you’re tracking a vehicle that moves slowly, such as a car, truck, or boat, you’ll want to get something with advanced GPS capabilities so it can keep up with how quickly the vehicle is moving.

3. How Will I Know It’s Safe?

A tracker that notifies you of any movement or sudden acceleration might be best if you’re tracking a vehicle that could be thrown off course or used for malicious purposes.

4. Is It Easy To Install?

Some trackers are extremely simple to set up, while others will require you to be an expert mechanic! If installing the tracker is tough, you should consider that— especially if you’re just borrowing the vehicle for a short period, and don’t have the tools to install a GPS tracker.

5. How Much Data Storage Do I Need?

You should consider this if you plan on tracking your vehicle for a long period. Or if you have a huge fleet of vehicles that will need to be monitored regularly. If you’re only going to track it for a few weeks, a month, or even a year at most, you’ll want something that can store data through your entire trip.

6. Is It Easy To Use?

You don’t want to have trackers that are too complicated to use. It will be annoying trying to check the tracker if you have to go through pages of subcategories just to see where your vehicle is!

7. Does It Integrate With My Phone?

Ideally, you’ll want to get a tracker that you can sync up to your existing GPS apps or programs. Additionally, you should consider the best vehicle tracking device with longest battery life. No need to keep worrying about low power!

8. Is the Data Transferable?

You don’t want to get into the situation where you have multiple devices tracking the same thing! If you do plan on borrowing the vehicle out to other people, you’ll want something that lets you check who is using it and where your car is at all times.

When choosing the best, do yourself a favor and invest in something with great technology that will last; but don’t go overboard— there are plenty of affordable trackers available on the market, too! 

Best Vehicle Tracking Device With No Monthly Fee – Conclusion

If you’re looking for something to track your vehicle, but don’t want to pay the high monthly fees that come with other options on the market, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of ways to get around it!

Instead of getting stuck paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for maintenance, there are plenty of small-sized trackers available that will help you keep track of your vehicle’s location.

The best part?

You can get everything you need at a fraction of the cost without having to pay for premium features! And since some products are sold with no contract, there won’t be any hidden fees or surprise charges when it comes time to cancel.

You might be wondering why you should consider getting a small, no-contract GPS tracker for vehicles. It all comes down to value. You can get a solid tracker without having to worry about a costly monthly bill— and sometimes even free of charge! If you want to track your vehicle’s location at any time, no matter how far it goes, these are the top products to get your hands on.

You may have noticed some of them are missing— but don’t worry! We didn’t leave out any of the good ones, so if you’re looking for something, in particular, that isn’t listed here, there’s a chance it might not be one of these great no-contract trackers!

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