Best Self Defense For Teenage Girl

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Teenage girls are at a higher chance of being attacked than any other person. They are the most common target of rape, sexual assault, and abduction.

The problem is worse because they are ill-prepared to deal with it effectively. They are not aware of personal safety tips, don’t have the experience dealing with danger, or aren’t familiar with possible options for self-defense.

This article lists the ten best self defense for teenage girls. By the time you get to the end of the article, you’ll have applicable tips on how to defend yourself from aggressors.

Best Self Defense For Teenage Girl

10 Best Self Defense for Teenage Girls 

Note: The tips and techniques in this article rely on an understanding of “natural body weapons.” These are body targets that are already accessible to you.

These should be your natural targets if you have no other means available.

1. Eyes- Gouge, Claw, or Scratch the eyes! This is a soft target but it’s very sensitive. If you can’t get your hands free, go for the eyes

2. Groin- Go For The groin! This is a primary target for men so expect them to defend it accordingly. Front kicks to the groin are typically effective but may not be possible depending on the size of the assailant.

3. Knees- Knee strikes are devastating when delivered to the right area.

4. Feet- Use your feet to stomp, kick, and strike the groin, knees, shins, ankles, etc.

5. Back of Head/Neck- This is an easy target so if you can grab the assailant’s hair or shirt in some way it might allow you to deliver devastating head butts or strikes to their neck.

6. Throat- You should deliver elbows or palm strikes to the throat

7. Joints- Deliver knee strikes or shin stomps onto joints like their knees or elbows

8. Ears. This is an easy target even if the assailant has their hands up to defend themselves. You can deliver devastating head butts or strikes with your elbow.

9. Side of Neck- A sideways punch to the side of their neck can cause major damage and even unconsciousness

10. Spine- Deliver blows to the spine with your elbow, feet, or palm. If you’re aiming for the spine itself it’s called a “spinal tap”

This is an effective self-defense technique that can end up paralyzing or killing the assailant if done correctly. It should only be used as a last resort because permanent damage can result if it goes wrong.

Best Martial Arts for Women Self Defense

Best Self Defense Weapons for Teenage Girls

Besides knowing how to physically target your attacker, it would help if you have a couple of self-defense weapons. Some common weapons for teenage girls include pepper spray, stun guns, and tactical pens.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is the most common self-defense weapon for teenage girls. You can buy one for as low as $10 and it will be enough to scare off most attackers. If you want more protection, opt for pressurized pepper spray that comes with a holster so you can easily carry it in your hand as you walk around.

Stun Guns 

A stun gun is best used when your attacker approaches from behind. They’re easy to carry and deliver a stunning blow that leaves the assailant immobile for several minutes or even unconscious depending on the model and voltage of the stun gun. They range anywhere between $30 and $60 and come with LED indicator lights (so you know they’re charged) and safety switches (to prevent accidental discharge.)

Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are like regular pens except they’re made of high-impact plastic. They can be used to strike the eyes, throat, or joints that are otherwise difficult targets for an aggressor. Some even come with glass breakers on the end if you want to escape through a window.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

Self Defense Keychains

Self defense keychains are common among teenage girls because they’re easy to carry and provide an excellent tool for your home or walk to school. They can be concealed in a purse, pocket, or even attached to the inside of your sleeve using a retractable cord. When you’re being attacked you just have to slip your hand into your sleeve to grab hold of the self defense keychain which will then allow you to attack your assailant with extreme force.

There are tons of different types available but most are made from a metal alloy so they can break car windows when thrown at them. Some popular models include dog tag keychains, iron fists, shark teeth key chains, kubotans/stickers, butterfly knives/swords, etc.

These make great self defense weapons because it’s like carrying around a sharpie marker but it delivers serious damage when needed! A tactical pen typically costs under $20 but make sure you check out our list of “12 Best Tactical Pens Under $50”

If you’re not comfortable using anything else, your hands can work just as well at defending yourself against an attacker. Use your fingers and nails to claw their face, use strikes or elbow strikes to deliver.

Best Martial Arts for Teenage Girls

Martial arts are great because they’re not just focused on attacking your opponent but also defending yourself. The bonus of learning art is that you’ll have tons of new moves to try when playing video games!


This is one of the most popular martial arts done by teenage girls all over the world. It’s a combination of punches, kicks, blocks, throws, etc. so it provides you with an excellent range of self-defense abilities if ever needed.

Is Taekwondo good for self defense?

Muay Thai

This is one of the most popular martial arts in Western Countries (compared to other countries like China or Japan). This is generally used to defend yourself against attackers with weapons so you can use elbows, knees, kicks, etc. to get away safely.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Want no-holds-barred fighting? BJJ is your best bet! You don’t get points for style here – only securing a submission hold until your opponent taps out or passes out from exhaustion makes you the winner. It teaches self-defense but also sport fighting if that’s what you’re interested in.

Martial Arts Weapons Training for Teenage Girls

Many traditional schools don’t provide weapons training for teenage girls but some do! If you’re lucky enough to find a school that teaches weapon techniques then chances are it’ll be one of the best martial arts schools in your area.


If you don’t know what Kali and Escrima are, they’re Filipino martial arts and their main focus is with knives (from short to large,) sticks, and other bladed weapons like swords or sickles. Experts claim that these two traditional styles rank among the most effective styles because practitioners use every part of their body to attack; hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. When it comes to learning how to defend yourself against any kind of weapon (i.e., gun, knife, etc.) Kali and Escrima are your best options.

Samurai Arts, Kenjutsu & Iaido

Japan is one of the most fascinating places to visit on Earth and practicing their ancient martial arts is an experience like no other! Samurai Arts focus largely on sword fighting so you’ll learn how to use long swords, short swords, daggers (Shinto-style,) and even wooden staffs (Bokken/Jo.) There’s not much self-defense here but if you’re looking for a new hobby that doubles as a way of life then this will teach you discipline and mental strength.


This style focuses primarily on using Katana which was used by Samurais during the war. The style is most striking so it takes a bit of getting used to – like learning how to aim before you strike. You’ll learn to block, overpowering your enemy (for example, if they’re holding two swords; you can quickly cut them down with one swipe of your Katana!)


This is the art of practicing Japanese sword drawing techniques. You’ll not only get to train in using long and short-swords but also daggers (which are called “Tanto”) and even wooden staffs (called Bokken.) Like Kenjutsu, Iaido focuses on technique more than self-defense which is why another traditional Japanese martial art called Aikido may be a better option.

Best Self Defense For Teenage Girl – Conclusion

Most girls will never need to defend themselves because they’re lucky enough to have a caring family that keeps them from harm’s way.

However, when the time comes when you need to protect yourself, then it’s best practice to use one of these traditional martial arts!

Besides learning fighting tactics, you should also own a few self defense weapons like pepper spray, a pocket knife, etc. The items help but never rely on them.

Always keep in mind that self-defense is the last resort. You should always try to stay away from dangerous situations instead of trying to fight your way out.

If you’re still not sure whether traditional martial arts are right for you, then take a look at Judo for teenagers. It’s one of the most popular styles today so it has everything you need to protect yourself without hurting anyone else unnecessarily.

Additionally, this article provides some examples of options but if you’re looking for something different, check out my article on the best martial arts styles for teenage girls. 

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