Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes?

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Are you wondering whether you can bring your tactical pen on a plane? If you’re reading this, there is a chance that this question has bothered you for a long time.

And the answer is simple:

You cannot carry your tactical pen onboard a plane. However, tactical pens are allowed in checked-in luggage since they are considered tools but not weapons.

Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes

If you are traveling with a self-defense weapon, you need to check with TSA for approved items. We have compiled a list of TSA-approved items below:

  • Non-metal pens (e.g., plastic)
  • Self Defense Keychain (must be less than 2″ in length – no sharp objects or tools can be attached)
  • Pepper Spray (must be less than 4 oz and under .5% concentration of Major Capsaicinoids content – do not spray it near anyone’s face!)
  • Stun Gun (less than 800,000 volts)
  • Batons (less than 26 inches in length and are not sharp objects).

We recommend checking with TSA for a full list of approved items before traveling so that you are not caught off guard.

Why You Cannot Travel with Your Tactical Pen on Plane

Tactical pens are stylish and may appear harmless at first glance. However, because they are made of metal, tactical pens are considered dangerous items by the TSA and are not allowed on planes.

These weapons can inflict serious damage to fellow passengers during a flight when taken out in an emergency or if someone were to get into a fight with another passenger after having too much alcohol.

Why Tactical Pens are Not Allowed In Planes

How to Know TSA-Approved Self Defense Items

TSA is in charge of the safety and security at airports. These are their primary goals when it comes to carrying out luggage, items, or even people on planes.

Since they are in control of this aspect of flying, you can trust them to provide you with a list that includes all approved self-defense weapons for taking on board.

TSA has a guide to approved items and we are providing you with the link so that you can check it out before your next flight: TSA Approved Self-Defense Items.

Additionally, you can use TSA’s social media platforms such as @AskTSA on Twitter.

Why You Cannot Travel With Your Tactical Pen on Plane

While many tactical pens are harmless, there are still some made of metal. But even if they are not made of metal, the pen is considered a weapon that can inflict serious injuries to fellow passengers.

Since your tactical pen will be checked into baggage and are not allowed on planes at all, then you are better off leaving it home instead of risking getting caught with it during security check-in.

Tactical Pens in Checked Luggage

Although the tactical pen is not allowed in carry-on baggage, they are allowed to be checked in.

This is why we highly recommend that you leave your self-defense weapon at home and pack it into a checked bag instead.

This will ensure that no one can mistake it for anything harmful such as a knife or metal object (or even a toy gun).

Why are tactical pens allowed in checked luggage? Because they are considered tools and not weapons, you can pack them with your other items such as camping gear or hiking equipment.

Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes? – FAQ

Are tactical pens are allowed on planes?

Yes, you are more than welcome to pack your tactical pen in checked luggage.

Will TSA allow my tactical pen onto the plane?

No – because it looks like a weapon, the TSA will not let any self-defense items through security checkpoints.

Can I carry a metal stick instead of a tactical pen?

No – the metal stick is considered a weapon and is not allowed on planes.

What are TSA-approved self-defense items to carry instead of my tactical pen?

Non-metal pens (e.g., plastic), Self Defense Keychain, Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, Batons are all allowed in your checked luggage.

Can I carry a metal stick instead of my tactical pen?

No – the metal stick is considered a weapon and is not allowed on planes.

How do I know TSA-approved self-defense items for airports?

Make sure you check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) before traveling so that you are aware of all approved self-defense items.

What are TSA’s social media channels for asking questions before traveling?

You can contact @AskTSA on Twitter or visit their website at AskTSA

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