Are Self Defense Keychains Legal?

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Self defense keychains are legal under certain circumstances, but they must fit the definition of a typical keychain. They’re also subject to carry restrictions in most areas, so it’s best to know the laws that apply in your state.

In this article, we’ll answer the question “are self defense keychains legal?” in details. We also look at what self defense keychains are and how they work, the laws that apply to them, and what you can do if you face charges for carrying or using one.

Are Self Defense Keychains Legal?

What Are Self Defense Keychains?

While all keychains (also referred to as kubotan) are designed to hold keys securely, some of them also function as weapons. Self defense keychains usually offer features like:

  • Pointed ends that can be used to strike an assailant or;
  • Pointed edges that can be used to slash open an attacker’s face.

Keychain weapons are typically made of metal, but some are plastic, either injection molded or cast. They’re designed to look like harmless keychains while concealing the fact that they’re weapons. 

The law has generally found self defense keychains to be legal. However, certain types could fall under the category of disguised weapons.

What Is Legal With Self Defense Keychains?

As with other weapons, whether or not self defense keychains are legal depends on many factors. These include your state laws and your intent at the time you carry them. Remember that all weapons are banned on school grounds, government properties, or military bases. So, are self defense keychains legal? When can you use them? Let’s find out:

Scenarios On Legality and Illegality of Self-Defense Keychains

Self defense keychains are legal if:They’re Illegal if:
✔You’re walking to your car after shopping at the local mall with your familyYou carry them with a pre-conceived idea to harm somebody
✔You’re walking through a dark parking lot late at night, especially if that’s not an ideal place for a woman walking aloneYou’re walking through a high-security area
✔ You have a legitimate reason to carry them (for example a threat on life)

A quick accessory search can tell whether or not the keychain is banned where you live. This varies by state and sometimes city, so make sure to look up the applicable laws before you purchase a particular keychain.

If you must carry any self defense weapon, ensure that you can prove that it was indeed meant to protect you from possible harm.

If you face charges for carrying a self defense keychain under the wrong circumstances, a criminal law attorney may be able to help you get them dropped. This will depend on the judge and your specific situation, but having an experienced advocate can make all the difference in these types of cases.

How Do Self Defense Keychains Work?

Self defense keychains use the same principles as other weapons. Since they’re designed to be carried inconspicuously, most of them are fairly small, such as a few inches in length and width. They typically fit around your fingers so you can maintain control at all times without accidentally dropping them.

The pointed end serves as the blade or point of the weapon. These come in various lengths and are usually strong enough to pierce through flesh easily, especially if you strike the face or eyes.

The edges work with this by providing secondary points that can slash an assailant’s face open or cut into their body when applied correctly. Some may also have a flat end that can be used for striking blows or breaking windows.

How Are Self Defense Keychains Used?

Most self defense keychains work by striking and cutting. They can be used in a variety of situations, but most people prefer to use them when their life is in danger or if they’re facing an assailant who’s trying to rape or kill them.

If you’re using a keychain in this way, aim for sensitive areas like the eyes and neck.

Make sure to strike with enough force to make an impact. If someone is choking you, stabbing them repeatedly in their throat can be one of the most effective ways to get them off of you.

Some self defense keychains also serve as a device to shatter windows, which means they’ll work for escaping most car accidents. If you’re in an accident and your door is jammed shut or if someone has broken into your car, use the sharp end of the keychain to shatter the glass.

Top 3 Self Defense Keychains for the Money

1. EDC Personal Defense Key Chain

Are self defense keychains legal in California?

EDC personal defense key chain is made solid full Grade 5 Titanium, lightweight, high-resistant hardness far more than Aluminum alloy. It is the best self-defense keychain. It’s small size make them easy to carry.

Additionally, you can attach your keys without causing any alarm. The heavy-duty construction using precision CNC machine makes them last for lifetime.

You can use them when you need style and functionality as one package. Their rough and multi-colored fashion will ensure that you stand out from your competition.

The keychain measures 2.85 inches width and 5.5 inches long. It can comfortably fit into your pocket without causing any discomfort. Even better, a titanium keyring is included (1.26 inches).

2. EIOUMAX Self-Defense Key Chain 

Best self defense weapon for female

EIOUMAX self-defense key chain is well-polished and it does not get scratches easily. Its simplistic nature makes it the best tool for defending yourself in case of danger.

The keychain comes with a keychain ring for ease of storage. You can install it in your keys or just put it inside of your bag for convenience and ease of carrying.

This affordable keychain is made of solid, high-quality aviation aluminum. As such, you can be sure that it is a solid protection tool that will not bend easily.

The package includes 5 pack of metal keychains in different colors (blue, black, pink, silver, and purple). This colors make them highly aesthetic and a favorite self defense weapon for female.

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It has the following features for guaranteed functionality:

  • Finger Groves. All pieces come with finger groves to ensure comfortable grip. It is unlikely that they will slip when using them for self defense.
  • Micro-Pointed Attack Head. It comes with a hard and sharp head. This feature makes it for you to wade off your attacker with little effort.
  • Car Escape. The pointed tip is hard enough to break car glass/windows for easy escape.

Oranlife self defense keychain has the same working mechanism. It comes with metal cusp and is constructed out of durable aluminum. It is durable enough to break windows without a hassle.

3. Kaiyuan Dynasty Hand-held Aluminum Keychain Tool 

Legal self defense tools

This aluminum keychain tool (a pair) is lightweight and sturdy. Constructed of aluminum alloy, this tool has a main functional body and a hook.

The hook allows you to attach your keychain without a hassle. It is firm and reduces the chance of your key being lost significantly.

It only weighs approximately 1.4 ounces and are stylish.

Their grove body ensures that you get a firm grip whenever you’re using them. The toolkit is the best self-defense keychain. A perfect gift for all campers, hikers, kids, and adults alike!

Are Self Defense Keychains Illegal? The Bottom Line

While it’s possible for someone in New York to get charged with carrying an illegally concealed weapon, it’s also possible for them to get away with just a citation or warning if they use the kubotan as a keychain and don’t have it concealed.

So, are self-defense legal keychains illegal?

In most states, no. So, what states are self defense keychains illegal? Illinois , North Carolina, Hawaii, and Texas among others.

Conclusion: Are self defense keychains illegal?

No, in most states they are not. They should be carried concealed because that will keep you out of trouble. If you carry it openly then it can be classified as an “illegal weapon” rather than a “keychain” and get you arrested.

Are self-defense keychains illegal to carry in public?

In most states, no. They should be carried concealed because that will keep you out of trouble. If you carry it openly then it can be classified as an “illegal weapon” rather than a “keychain” and get you arrested.

Are Self Defense Keychains Legal? – FAQ

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