10 Best Self Defense Weapons For Women

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According to research by the US Department of Justice, violence against women is on the rise globally. Approximately 1.9 million women are physically assaulted annually in the US alone. 

When you internalize these findings, you opine that possessing self-defense tools is no longer an option. I would recommend that every woman owns at least one self-defense tool.

If you’re confused about what weapon can work for you in what scenario, this article will help you out. We’ve undertaken an in-depth analysis of the best self defense weapons for women.

Let’s dive in:

Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

Self Defense Weapons Definition

What comes to your mind when self defense weapons are mentioned? Many people think about a gun as the ultimate weapon. 

However, there are a plethora of self defense weapons besides guns. In fact, guns are not only expensive but also too technical to use for a majority. If mishandled, they can cause more harm than good, especially in hand-to-hand combat situations. 

So, what legal self defense weapons alternative do you have?

Well, defense tools are packaged in different shapes and forms. Most people prefer disguised self defense weapons that are simple to carry without causing any alarm or panic. 

They range from self defense keychains, jewelry, rings, whips, and pens. These non-lethal self defense weapons are highly concealable and won’t be detected until you strike. Here are some of the commonest to consider.

10 Best Self Defense Weapons for Women

1. Stun Guns and Tasers

Best Stun Guns for Women

A stun gun is a non-lethal self defense weapon that can immobilize an attacker with an electric current. The device has two metal prongs that you thrust into the target’s body to zap them.

However, if you are considering carrying a stun gun, you should ensure that it is legal in your state or country.

You should also understand the difference between tasers and stun guns. Tasers are the ideal self defense weapons for long-range attacks since they do not require physical contact with the attacker.

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On the other hand, stun guns are ideal for hand-to-hand combat. Its two prongs must come in contact with the attacker for it to be effective.

A powerful stun gun with a voltage of approximately 1 million will be enough to immobilize an attacker over a short duration. To get the voltage you need, you will need powerful stun guns such as like rechargeable tasers or powerful stun guns such as Sambre Self Defense Stun Gun.

2. Pepper Spray/ Pepper Spray Gun (Mace)

Best Pepper Spray Gun for Female

Mace pistols (pepper spray) have gained immense popularity in recent times. Most women carry pepper sprays as they are very light and easy to hide in the palm of your hand.

Pepper spray contains oleoresin capsicum (OC) which creates an intense burning sensation when sprayed on the eyes, face, or body of an assailant.

However, this self-defense tool should not be used without proper training in how to use it properly because it can causes permanent damage to a person’s eyesight.

Pepper sprays are a preferred choice by many women around the world because they are highly effective against most attackers who try to harm them physically. What makes pepper sprays one of the best self defense weapons is that they can be used on both animal attackers and humans.

Also, pepper sprays are cost-effective and easy to carry because they come in small bottle sizes. The only downside of using pepper spray is that you will need practice on how to use them properly or else they may not work efficiently when required.

You can also buy pepper spray keychain if you value aesthetics and ease of carrying. With this type, you can attach your keys, and they will easily pass for your ordinary keyholder.

3. Defender Ring

Another legal self defense weapon is the defender ring which looks like a standard ring. However, its diameter can extend to 12 inches for defensive purposes.

The best thing about using this tool as a self-defense weapon is that it causes no permanent damage to an assailant, unlike other options. It contains a sharp blade that can be retracted from the surface of the ring to inflict severe injuries on an attacker during an attack. 

However, one needs to be careful while using it as there is no guarantee it won’t cause any injury if mishandled.

4. Kubaton Keychain

Best Self Defense Kubaton for Women

The kubaton (also called self defense keychain) is a self-defense tool that’s easy to conceal in your hand. It is also lightweight and can be carried with ease.

You can use this self-defense weapon for jabbing pressure points on the assailant’s body, avoiding larger bones, which are more difficult to cause damage to.

If you want to carry one of these excellent non-lethal self defense weapons then go for the keychain version because it has the added advantage of fitting into your purse or pocket without creating any noise.

However, before using this kubaton as a defense tool ensure you have proper training in its usage as they are very effective against most attackers if used properly.

4. Self Defense Pen/ Tactical Pens

Best Self Defense Pen

Self defense pens are another preferred choice by many women as they are easy to carry and conceal. Just like the defender ring, your attacker will not be able to grasp it easily. These pens come in different sizes and styles so you can pick one that suits your requirements perfectly.

While picking a good pen to use as a self defense weapon, ensure that it is sturdy enough so that you can hit your assailant with enough force before an attack happens without breaking the pen into pieces during the process.

Also, check the features on various models of pens available in the market so that you have access to better information about them which will help further refine your choice.

5. Tactical Knife

best self defense knife

A tactical knife is a great self defense weapon as it can be easily concealed and used to strike an assailant. In this case, the size of the knife doesn’t matter as what you need is something that can deliver a deadly blow when needed.

Self-defense knives come in different styles so you have to know how to use them properly before picking one for yourself. Pocket knives are, however, preferred due to their size and flexibility.

However, it is advisable not to use these knives on innocent people as that might cause serious legal trouble for you. As a safety measure, before using any of them make sure you have taken adequate self defense training sessions by professionals who are experienced enough to train women in this field.

6. Blinding Light Flashlight

Flashlight for Self Defense

If you are looking for long-term self defense weapons, a powerful flashlight is the best bet.

In addition to being effective against most attackers, these flashlights will also help you see in dark conditions if you have to use them outside your house at night. This way your safety can be maintained even when you go out of town or on a vacation.

They have strong light that blinds your attackers, thus giving you an opportunity to escape. They rarely cause permanent damage to the eyes.

7. Personal Alarm Keychain

Personal Alarm Keychain for Women Self Defense

If you are looking for a very small self defense tool, a keychain alarm is the best option. This alarm by itself can deliver loud chimes which will not only wake up your neighbors but also ward off an assailant if they hear it after being attacked by you.

Another advantage of using this alarm is that depending on where you live, most police authorities tend to arrive at the crime scene within minutes if they hear any disturbance in your area which will help save you from harm.

However, before buying one make sure that it has enough battery life. If it doesn’t work properly due to low power supply, then its value as self defense weapon reduces significantly.

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Since these self defense alarm is based on causing fear and confusion, stay within safe environments. If you’re going to high-risk areas, we recommend that you carry a self-defense weapons that can wade off attackers by inflicting pain. Such may include pocket knives and stun guns.

8. Cat Ears Key Chains

Cat Ears Self Defense Key Chain for Women

The cat ears key chains are flexible and easy to use. You can them while you are walking or at home, just attach it to your keys so that it is easily accessible.

The cat ears Keychain has become very popular since its launch mainly by women. It is easy to use, even more so if you are being attacked or feel threatened because in these cases most people tend to act without thinking.

This doesn’t mean that you should start using this weapon if someone looks at you wrong but it does mean that if someone tries to hurt you or steal your things then this Keychain can help protect yourself until help arrives.

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The cat ears key chains are manufactured with quality material and come in various colors for women to be able to choose their favorite color while owning an effective self-defense weapon.

The materials used are also non-allergenic so everyone can wear them without worrying about an allergic reaction or other issues such as scratches. This product is small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around so you don’t get caught unaware by an attacker.

9. Whips for Self Defense

Whip for SELF Defense

Whips are also effective non-lethal self defense tools. They’re made of flexible material like rubber or leather which makes them very light to wield for women with weak hands.

You can use these whips as striking weapons; however; always remember to keep a safe distance from your target since it causes more damage when swung at a far range.

There’s another type of whip that’s been widely used as a self-defense weapon known as the kusarigama. It consists of a sickle attached to a rope, allowing it to be thrown over an assailant. Once ensnared, you can use the same rope to pull your attacker closer and strike with your sickle or pick up any object within arm’s distance and use it as a defense tool.

Like other weapons on this list, whips are not considered lethal because they don’t cause permanent damage when used against human targets.

However; if you come across animals such as dogs or bears that may hurt you then it is advisable to avoid using whips since they have been known to provoke certain animals into attacking you instead of the animal who attacked them first.

10. Pocket Stick

A pocket stick is another effective self-defense tool for women. They are easily concealed in pockets or on the waistline of your pants.

Similar to other non-lethal weapons mentioned on this list, it doesn’t cause any permanent injury to an attacker. However, it can be used as a striking weapon against them.

A pocket stick has multiple uses including breaking windows, opening doors, and even picking locks. The only downside of using pocket sticks is that they are not designed for close-range combat since they lack sharp edges.

This means you will need to keep a safe distance from your assailant while trying to defend yourself with one of these weapons.

Choosing the Best Self Defense Weapons for Female

While self-defense devices for women may not be lethal, they can still cause serious injury if handled incorrectly. This is why it’s essential to have the knowledge and skills required to use any weapon safely. 

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a self-defense device:


There are a variety of sizes available for defense weapons. They vary from being as small as lipstick to being as large as a baseball bat. They also come in multiple shapes such as round weapons like pepper spray cans, cylindrical objects like tasers, triangular prongs like pocket sticks, and flat blades like whips.

You need to choose something that will fit comfortably into your handbag or pocket while being easily accessible whenever you are in danger.


Most self-defense weapons are made of either metal or plastic. Metal weapons are heavy but they allow for more damage to your target since they have a high density and can be used as blunt force trauma weapons. 

If you want something easy to carry around with you, then choose hollow metallic objects. They are lighter than solid metal but also durable. 

Plastic materials are great because they’re not lethal and are light. On the flip side, they are not durable enough to be used as blunt force trauma weapons.

Ease of Use

If you are not trained in using these types of weapons, don’t use them! You want something easy to wield and will give you enough time to escape from your assailant before they can get too close for comfort.

Fumbling around with a weapon increases the risk that it may be taken away from you during a struggle or snatched out of your hand. The best self-defense weapons for women are those that are easily accessible yet securely tucked away so no one else has access to them but you.

What Are the Best Self Defense Weapons for Women?

Now that we’ve covered some information on how non-lethal self-defense weapons can be used to help protect yourself, it’s time to look at some of the most popular ones.

Pepper spray is a great choice when it comes to non-lethal weapons for women since all you need to do is push down on the cap and aim at your attacker to release the contents into their face.

This causes temporary blindness, skin irritations, breathing problems, coughing fits, and burns which means even if they don’t give up right away there’s still a good chance that by the time they recover, you’ll already be gone.

The only downside with pepper sprays is that they are short-range weapons meaning you either need to make sure your target is within close range before using it, or be ready to make a run for it after you’ve discharged it.

Stiletto knives are the most popular types of knives for women since they’re easy to carry around with you anywhere and can be stored practically undetected.

Plus they’re designed to give maximum penetration with every thrust or slice that’s given which means even if your assailant manages to disarm you, one quick stab will do some serious damage.

This makes stilettos perfect for any type of close-range fight since all you have to do is get in there and start stabbing at the nearest vulnerable area on your target’s body until they begin bleeding out and lose consciousness.

A pocket stick is a small, lightweight metal self-defense weapon that’s usually about the size of a pen so it can fit in your purse or coat pocket while also being long enough to be used as an effective striking tool.

However, this type of weapon needs you to know how to properly use it since holding it upside down and trying to jab at the attacker means that all they have to do is knock it out of your hand before turning it into a deadly weapon against you.

No matter what type of self defense weapons for women or men you choose make sure you get proper training with them to avoid any injuries during practice sessions.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Women – Bottom Line

“Women for too long have been told that to be taken seriously they must take self-defense classes. They must learn karate or tae kwon do, and if they want to protect themselves, they should carry a handgun.” (Dohse).

This statement may not seem like it’s true, but the truth is every woman should learn how to defend herself; no matter what their age or background might be.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to always know several ways of defending yourself instead of just one strategy which makes you more prepared than most people are.

Having looked at the best self defense weapons for women, it’s now your turn to select one that suits your needs. Ensure that you consider your safety and always go for weapons that you’re comfortable with.

If you’re not ready to use self-defense weapons, you should invest in learning some basic techniques before picking out a lethal weapon. This way, you’ll be sure of your safety.

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